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  • Fights NYC Parking Tickets In-Person FOR 50% OF SAVINGS!

  • Our Clients Have Saved Over $5,000,000 In NYC Parking Ticket Expenses!
    One of our clients saved over $16,000 in NYC fees with a dismissal rate over 90%!

  • Commercial Clients: Call our team at (845) 265-7070 and ask about our commercial plans.

    All Others: Click "Enter a Ticket" on the left and follow the prompts for our 50% rate. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If any part of your Fine, Late Penalty or Interest are not reduced, will refund that Portion of our fee and you pay the ticket amount due.
    IMPORTANT: UNLESS THE PAYMENT FOR OUR FEE IS CAPTURED, WE WILL NOT BE AWARE YOUR TICKET WAS ENTERED. PLEASE CONFIRM PAYMENT OF OUR FEE WITH YOUR BANK. IF THE PAYMENT WAS NOT PROCESSED BY YOUR BANK, PLEASE CALL (845) 265-7070. has Fought Over Eighty Thousand (80,000) New York City Parking Violations For More Than 1,000 clients. Our clients saved 70% of their parking ticket expenses on a recent visit, you could be next!

    We specialize in small businesses that deliver goods in NYC.

    Our clients receive as few as 2 tickets per month, or as many as 140.

    Regardless of the offense, there is no need to just pay a NYC Parking Ticket. fights to have your Parking Ticket dismissed. Yes, even a Parking Ticket for blocking a handicapped spot, fire hydrant, bus stop or pedestrian ramp etc…. obtains a high NYC Parking Ticket dismissal rate. Our dismissal rate is the highest because our Specialists fight your Parking Ticket "IN-PERSON".

    Even if supporting evidence is not accepted, continues fighting your NYC Parking Ticket based on a "Defective or Illegible Ticket Defense."

    When you feel pressured by the New York City Department of Finance or Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) to pay a NYC Parking Ticket online, don't just pay it-FIGHT IT!

    For a fee of 50% of savings (Commercial Clients call 845-265-7070), Let Fight Your Parking Ticket!


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